The Spitometer® is shown here being calibrated by its developer, Wayne Indecotte, President and CEO of Expector Dynamics, LLC. As a certified spitologist, Dr. Indecotte began producing Spitometers in conjunction with his research into the clinical value of spittle. During those investigations, it was discovered that the device was effective in assisting the rehabilitation and eventual recovery of sufferers of Projectile Dysfunction.


Moreover, not only does the Spitometer aid in curing Projectile Dysfunction, but through collaboration with NASA engineers during its development, it has been shown to drastically improve the volume, velocity, distance, and accuracy of every spit.

Today there are over a half million Spitometers in use around the world, with more being shipped every day. Spitometers are already on hand in nurses’ offices in most private girls’ schools, and it is projected that within four years, every public elementary school and modeling agency in North America will have a supply of Spitometers.

A new model of the Spitometer, the Super Spitometer, will be available early next year and can be pre-ordered for only €799. To reserve your Super Spitometer today, contact sales@MicroPsych.com.

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