Developed for both Antecedent and Postcedent Promptniacs, the SlopWatch® rarely indicates the correct time. Instead, it runs either "fast" or "slow" depending on the input from its wearer. This allows the wearer to arrive at appointments at "appropriate" rather than "scheduled" times.

Here's how it works: The wearer selects from a list of appointments displayed on the watch face, or the wearer enters a verbal command with a name or event. Next, the wearer enters the scheduled time of the event. The SlopWatch automatically sets the displayed time to show either ahead or behind actual time as a function of each particular event.

For example, if the wearer were to select "doctor" then "2:00 PM," the watch would advance the time displayed by 10 minutes so that she would arrive at her appointment at a corrected time of 1:50 PM. Similarly, if she were to say "president," then "2:00 PM," the time would indicate a time one hour ahead so that she would arrive in the president's office at 1:00 PM. Similarly, if she were to select "husband," it would run 20 minutes behind the actual time.

The SlopWatch synchronizes automatically with both PC and Mac computers and can be programmed with up to 500 events to constantly adjust the displayed time. To order your SlopWatch for only $849, contact

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