In 1987, scientists working at the French Textile Research Institute in Léon discovered a chemical that, when applied during the manufacture of fabrics, altered the visual perception of that fabric. What’s more, the visual sensation emanating from the fabric also changed the perception of the person wearing that fabric causing a significant increase in what the scientists called "a positive emotional perception of the wearer"—that is, it made the wearer appear much more physically attractive.

Now this chemically infused fabric is available commercially under the trade name Perceptowear®. While Perceptowear has been used in the manufacture of products as diverse as umbrellas, vehicle seat covers, camping gear, and of course bedding, it has found its greatest use in clothing.

For example, Stephanie who is shown in the before-and-after photos here, is a chronic sufferer of Bââd Haradäë Disorder. Yet, with the simple selection of a pink blouse made of Perceptowear, there is a radical change in her appearance. The only change was the Perceptowear blouse. [Note: These are actual, un-retouched photos. Neither special attention was given to Stephanie's hair nor was additional makeup applied. Your results may vary.]

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