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MicroPsych.com is the preeminent website devoted exclusively to the field of micropsychology, the study and treatment of psychological microdisorders. This class of disorders permeates contemporary cultures world-wide, and although the disorders are of little or no real, long-term consequence to anyone, including those experiencing those disorders, their study and treatment can and does contribute to the growing wealth of researchers and therapists around the globe.

Micropsychology: A brief history 
The term “micropsychology” is derived from Greek mīkros meaning "small," psukhē meaning "spirit" or "soul" and logia meaning "study of." While the term is derived from Greek, the field of micropsychology is of very recent origins. Specifically, while lecturing at the University of Alktauck in 2005, Professor Hans vonMuller serendipitously discovered a heretofore unstudied psychological phenomenon.

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One morning, Professor vonMuller's adolescent daughter arrived at the breakfast table in tears and announced that she would not be attending school that day in the nearby village of Bââd Haradäë because she could not manage her coiffure. Professor vonMuller, having substantial training in psychiatry, tried to cheer her by explaining that she wasn’t all that attractive in the first place and with her hair out of control, it could possibly detract from her other, not-so-appealing facial features anyway.

Nevertheless, his daughter was inconsolable and refused to leave the vonMuller household for several days. During this time Professor vonMuller had the opportunity to thoroughly analyze his daughter’s psychic state. Initially labeled Bââd Haradäë Disorder by Dr. vonMuller, this episode of an inconsequential incident causing a disproportionate psychological reaction became the defining event in micropsychology and set the path for the study of microdisorders. Bââd Haradäë Disorder is still one of the most common microdisorders reported today, although in North America, the disorder is often mis-referred to as “Bad Hair Day."

To date, over two dozen verifiable microdisorders have been identified. Many more potentially insignificant psychological disorders are under review. It is anticipated that the list of microdisorders will grow substantially as the importance of the field earns more recognition and its study becomes more lucrative.

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